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Ep #227: From Darkness To Light with Richard Kaufman

Richard's father left when he was just 3 years old and he grew up changing from school to school. He dropped out in 9th grade and became an emancipated minor and joined the army when he was 15.

Richard was discharged because of alcohol-related issues he had been facing since he was only 12 years old. Eventually, Richard became hooked on drugs and even found himself homeless.

He then found himself arrested and given the option to attend rehab or go to prison. he made the right choice and rejoined the Army on good conduct special waver and served for 24 years.

On 9-11 tragedy struck and that was the day Richard decided to change his ways. He dedicated the rest of his life to those who had lost their lives on that day. On the darkest day, Richard found his light.

Now honorably discharge, married with 3 children he is sharing his story about his journey helps other retired veterans overcome their obstacle, whether that be health, fitness, addiction, or mental illness related issues.

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