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Ep #341: Company Culture Done Right with James Boettcher

What kind of company would you want your father to work for?

That was the question that Fiasco Gelato CEO James Boettcher asked himself when he took over a small artisan gelato shop from his friend Matt Wilson in 2003. The son of a struggling single parent decided to start a company with strong social values that not only paid a living wage but was also committed to enriching people’s lives. Motivated by the grandiose vision of legendary entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, James built a vision for Fiasco as a company that could emulate great brands while simultaneously serving its community, treating its employees with respect while delivering a delicious, old-world product.

15 years and 6,000% growth later, Fiasco is considered a best-in-class Certified B Corporation, in a class with brands like Ben and Jerry’s. After dealing with setbacks like a major fire that gutted their original space, they now lead a team of 59 people in what they call 'The Little Gelato Shop That Could.' The company measures all aspects of its social output, including charitable donations, environmental impact, employee ownership, and diversity, even inputting a “Mission Lock” into its corporate documents to ensure that any future owners honor its purpose-driven approach.

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