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I built my brand from the ground up with $0 in marketing

Hi, I'm Colin. I am a former professional golfer, turned entrepreneur. I am passionate about inspiring others by sharing real stories. 

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After my athletic career, I found myself at a fork in the road. Actually, more like I found myself at a dead end. My whole life had been dedicated to one thing, golf! I had a dream to play on the PGA Tour, teeing it up next to Tiger Woods on Sunday at the Masters. So, when that dream was not realized, I had to hit the restart button on my life. 

I started to read, ask help from others all in an attempt to find something I was really passionate about. Then, one day I came across podcasting. I was hooked. So much so, I decided to start my own. The Daily Grind.  

When I started I had no idea how to produce a podcast, build an audience, and provide value to others. I was a rookie and it showed. For the first year I was barely getting a few hundred listens to an episode and I felt stuck and discouraged. 

I knew I was missing something, I just had to realize what that was. I started to dissect each episode I recorded. I realized that I needed to improve as an interviewer and that I needed direction. I needed to have a clear understanding of what I was trying to accomplish and create a plan to reach those goals. 

So, I did. I started to become intentional about what I was doing and who I was trying to serve. 

What happened next was amazing. 

A few short months later my show went from having a few hundred followers to a few thousand. I started to realize that there is actually a formula for producing a successful show and I found it. 

Fast forward to now, my podcast has been heard over 3 million times and is one of the best business podcasts in the world. I also started a second show that has become the top golf podcast in Canada in only a few short months. 

Now, I am looking to share my wisdom with others and help businesses, companies, and entrepreneurs start meaningful and successful podcasts. 

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