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Ep. 408 Interview Special with salesforce

Who is Matt?

Matt Garratt currently serves as the Managing Partner of Salesforce Ventures, the strategic investment arm for Salesforce with over 275 portfolio companies across 17 countries. While at Salesforce, Matt has completed over 50 Investments and Acquisitions in leading enterprise SaaS companies including DocuSign, Mulesoft and Twilio.

Who is Marko?

Marko Savic is the Founder & CEO at FunnelCake, a Canadian based businesses that provides a platform for sales and marketing teams to track their funnel, from initial lead to revenue. He graduated from the acclaimed York-Sheridan design program and worked at various businesses as a Creative Director where he saw many problems around sales and operations. This is when he decided to break off and found FunnelCake.

Connect With Matt

Connect With Marko


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