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Ep. 424 Featuring Stephanie Mitchell

Who is Stephanie?

Stephanie Mitchell is the founder of The Rolling Mat - Mobile Yoga Studio, based in Atlanta GA. Since the start of her mobile yoga adventure, Steph (aka: Rollin’ Yogi) has been shaking up the yoga industry by providing well-round, community drive yoga experiences outside of the 4 walls of a studio space!

She is an effective yoga community leader, hosting large scales events in Atlanta and beyond! Over the last few years, The Rolling Mat has gained substantial partnership with large corporations such as Whole Foods, Keller Williams Realty, AT&T and Healthsource Chiropractic in Atlanta by bringing in effective wellness programs through practice and lecture. Steph has traveled the world, bringing her creative pop-up studio and concepts to festivals, breweries and other large scale events!

This year, Steph decided to take all of her knowledge and experience from being a small business owner in the yoga industry and put it to good use! Alongside her public events and corporate partnerships, Steph is a Business mentor who serves to assist other yoga and heart-centered entrepreneurs create their vision and empire while owning their confidence and worth! She also leads monthly workshops in Atlanta and travel locations on mindful strategic planning for yoga and heart-centered businesses.

Learn More About Stephanie

Social Links: @rollinyogi /rollinyogi


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