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Ep. 440 Featuring Charlie Jabaley

Who is Charlie?

Have you ever dreamed so big, that it would change the lives of so many others, and end up changing your own, forever? Charlie Jabaley wasn't your typical kid from Georgia (United States). Sometimes labelled, "the chubby kid", Charlie was a dreamer. Knowing that he needed to use his imagination as a weapon to survive the playground, Charlie created his first persona, CEO Charlie. But in his heart, Charlie had other ideas. Like pursuing the life of an athlete.

Charlie rose to the top of the music industry, signing artists like 2 Chains. But then Charlie got a message. He looked in the mirror, was over 300lbs, was just diagnosed with a brain tumour, and realized he needed to change his life.

During those moments, Charlie started to tap into his child like state, and realized a dream he had since he was a kid. Charlie wanted to be an athlete. Charlie started to manifest himself as a Nike athlete. He saw himself in a commercial with Lebron James, and Serena Williams. He started to see himself running marathons and changing the lives of Millions.

Here is the thing, Charlie didn't just dream these things, he made them happen. Here the story of one of the most inspirational and passionate people you'll ever hear from.

Charlie just might change your life as he's changed mine.

Learn More About and Connect with Charlie

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