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Ep. 445 Featuring Sami Wunder

Who is Sami?

Sami Wunder is an internationally recognized dating and relationship expert. She is the CEO at, a website dedicated to helping successful, ambitious women find and keep deeply intimate, connected romantic relationships. Sami has been hailed as the "Get the Ring" coach by the BBC London and Daily Mail and been featured in renowned magazines like Forbes and Time.

Sami lives to see successful women glow in love and is passionate about busting the myth that women´s success intimidates healthy men.

She is the woman behind 150 client engagements and happy-ever-afters in the last 3.5 years alone. Sami's work has also helped reignite the passion in over 200 marriages and countless committed relationships.

Sami has built a 7-figure company in 3 years, helping smart, successful women from over 30 countries of the world find love & keep love. She is happily married for 6.5 years to hubby Chris, and they have a son.

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Insta - @samiwundercoach


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