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Ep. 474 Featuring Johnny Sirpilla

About Johnny

Johnny Sirpilla, founder of Encourage, LLC., is an entrepreneur, passionate leader, and a committed family man. He has endured personal tragedy which created the foundation and beliefs that led him to understand the leadership style he has been called to serve. Johnny is an active public speaker and promoter of reshaping thoughts through difficult times to accept, grow and eventually thrive. His company is a self-funded small private equity firm with four divisions; Encourage Healthy Living, Encourage Leadership, Encourage Investment and Encourage Adoption. A believer in seasons of life, Johnny has chosen to spend his 50’s focused on driving meaningful change in the workplace and at home through Encourage, LLC. He has worked in family business, small business and corporate America. He retired in 2017 as Chief Business Development Offer and past retail President from Camping World after a successful IPO.

Through his Health Living brand, he is involved in population health management programs, a cancer risk assessment company, senior living communities and the first medical trial in the world for concussion therapy. Encourage Leadership hosts his public speaking engagements, professional board work for LCI, a publicly traded company, board member at the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Aultman Health Foundation, TecTraum, and he also serves as Chairman of the Board for Catholic Schools in Stark County, Ohio. Encourage Investment hosts positions in a family business, Laura of Pembroke, in the clothing, gift and interior design space, Dapper Classics, Patriot Software, the spirit industry for such brands as Angels Envy, Heaven’s Door and StolenX, event venue space in downtown Chicago, real estate, and various other companies. His passion, Encourage Adoption, promotes the necessity to change perception about adoption to an unplanned pregnancy and spreading the good word of the families who are blessed to be connected through adoption. John has been married to his college sweetheart, Susan for nearly 30 years and has three children, Beau, Bella and Stone … one of which is adopted but he can’t remember which one.

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