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Ep. #492 Melika Hope the Head of Product, at Intuit Canada

About Melika

Today we are talking to Melika Hope the Head of Product, at Intuit Canada. Melika is a passionate and dynamic member of the Canadian accounting community. She began her professional career in public accounting, where she earned her Chartered Accountant designation. She then pivoted to the software industry, gaining experience with desktop accounting products before moving to Intuit where she leads the QuickBooks Online and Self Employed product management team in Canada. Melika is a self-employed personal trainer on the side and is a passionate advocate for the success of the small business and self-employed industries in Canada, leveraging the partnership of accounting and bookkeeping professionals and the power of cloud technology. In her spare time, Melika competes in powerlifting, sings, reads and loves to cheer on the Toronto Raptors.

Intuit QuickBooks is a champion of small businesses, focused on helping them grow and prosper. With the world’s largest small business ecosystem – with millions of customers, billions of transactions, decades of experience – QuickBooks helps unlock the power of data and the cloud to give small businesses and the self-employed the advantage and confidence they need to succeed.

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