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Ep. #493 The Closer Club with Alex Vidal

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

About Alex

President of RelatedISG International Realty Alex has been in the real estate industry for over 22 years, having worked with Keyes Real Estate in Florida, Prudential Real Estate in Florida, Colorado, and California, and ERA Real Estate in Florida.

Alex’s real estate career began at the age of 19, when he broke into the business as the assistant to the president of Keyes Real Estate. Over the course of his career Alex has held several positions including Recruiting Director, Sales Coach, Sales Manager, and Sales. Most recently his focus was on building offices into local powerhouses and turning boutique brokerages with a handful of agents into large-scale agencies with several hundred Realtors.

After taking the helm at RelatedISG International Realty in July 2014, Alex has spearheaded the explosive growth from just two offices and 50 Realtors, to a sales force now over 560 Realtors, 6 offices throughout Dade and Broward county, and close to half a billion dollars in Sales Volume.

Host, TheCloserClub Interview Series TheCloserClub is an online interview series featuring the country's biggest real estate players, celebrity entrepreneurs, athletes and politicians in a quick and fun, informative format. Digging deep with these great minds, TheCloserClub provides great advice on mindset, sales techniques, the rise of the guest, and a lot more!

Connect With Alex

Instagram - @vidalalex


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