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Ep. #498 Anush Sachdeva


Today on the Daily Grind Podcast we are joined by Wellspent Co-Founder Anush Sachdeva. 

Wellspent was born from years of research exploring and understanding the relationship people have with their money and the ways technology was changing it. Through these observations, Anush Sachdeva and his longtime co-founders noticed a gap in how money management apps were built and the way in which money actually existed in people’s lives.

With an Economics degree from the University of British Columbia, Anush has always loved collecting and analyzing data to find trends and problems worth solving. He started with RBC nearly seven years ago as a behavioral choice architect, focusing on consumer psychology and experience design. In this role, he helped set up and support a Design & Innovation research practice group. This established the foundation for several years of work and study to better understand decision-making in the context of money management, and developing tools that support it. Previous to RBC and RBC ventures, Anush co-founded a news aggregation startup called, WePower and worked briefly in Advertising.

Anush’s co-founders, Matt and Dan, have backgrounds in leading and conceptualizing innovative projects and strategy in the personal finance space and mobile banking apps.

Together, Wellspent was created within RBC Ventures, a unit of RBC (Royal Bank of Canada), and launched in December of 2018. Today, Wellspent is a free money management app on a mission to help Canadians make better decisions with their money.



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