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Ep #196: The Referral Diva, Virginia Musquiz

Virginia Muzquiz, aka the Referral Diva, is the Owner and Chief Connection Officer at Master Connectors, Inc and an Executive Director of BNI MidAmerica. She has more than 30 years of experience in teaching six-figure businesses and solopreneurs to build sustainable and profitable companies.

Referrals are built out of relationships, and that requires people to like and trust you. This is why Virginia believes that learning how to create and leverage that social capital is crucial in business building. Her numbers don’t lie – Virginia’s methods grew the contract service division of a nationally-known education franchise from $0 to $2.5 million solely via word of mouth.

Today, Virginia shows over 1400 entrepreneurs how to redirect the time and money spent in non-productive networking into leveraged word-of-mouth strategies that produce measurable improvements in their ROI. She is also the host of the Passion+Purpose = IMPACT podcast, which has been downloaded in over 30 countries.

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