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Ep #201: Part 2: Actor, Producer, Writer Adam Ambruso

Helping to spotlight Hollywood’s reckoning in the wake of the #MeToo movement, actor, producer and gifted entrepreneur Adam Ambruso stars and holds a producer credit in the Sony Pictures award-winning film, BUTTERFLY CAUGHT, which made its debut and won ‘Best Ensemble Film’ at the 2017 San Diego International Film Festival and will make it highly-anticipated theatre release summer 2018.


Written and directed by Manny Rodriguez Jr., the film follows three bright-eyed women with dreams of making it big as actresses. Each is pushed past breaking points when they’re tempted with promises of fame and will be forced to decide how far they’re willing to go to become actresses. BUTTERFLY CAUGHT explores the dark underbelly of glitzy Hollywood and illustrates with deafening power, how the cut-throat industry makes victims of naïve newcomers. Touching on drugs, sexual advances, and make-or-break career decisions, the film’s artful take paints an all too real portrait of Hollywood’s deepest secrets.

Drawn to projects that passionately move audiences, Ambruso also recently starred in and executive produced Will Wallace’s thrilling drama, TRAFFICKED. Starring alongside Ashley Judd and written by a Harvard professor who wrote a book about human trafficking, TRAFFICKED explicitly details the story of three young women who are abducted and thrust into the vicious underworld of sex trafficking. TRAFFICKED made it’s premiere in 2017 and found the perfect balance to portray the horrifying truth of sex slavery while also not pushing the audience beyond its limits. Adam also appeared in the drama RUNNING WILD opposite Sharon Stone, Tommy Flanagan, and Jason Lewis and the Syfy original horror-sci-fi film ATOMIC SHARK.

Originally from Austin, Texas, Adam graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and has since made deep roots in Los Angeles, and while not on-set has also balanced a career as a successful entrepreneur; building properties and dabbling in investment real estate. Adam is also a strong health advocate and maintains a rigid fitness routine complete with Bruce Lee ab workouts.

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