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Ep #202: Effective Leadership With Daniel Blanchard

Daniel Blanchard is an award-winning author, speaker, and educator. He has been teaching and coaching in the inner city for the last two decades. Blanchard is a teachers’ union officer. He was with the team that recently put out the new Social Studies Frameworks, and was appointed by the Speaker of the House to be a member of the Special Education Advisory Council to the Connecticut State Department of Education. The American Federation of Teachers of Connecticut chose him to be the face and voice of educational reform. Blanchard has written multiple books and has two books with chapters written about him from other authors. He has been on over one hundred radio and television shows and is even asked to co-host shows occasionally. As an Advanced International Toastmasters Gold Member, Daniel Blanchard has an easy, entertaining, and inspiring way of delivering great speeches. As a former 2X Junior Olympian Wrestler and later twice the Junior Olympian Coach, as well as a veteran of two branches of the United States military, Blanchard has a competitive winning side to him, balanced by the warm fatherly way about him that his five children and hundreds of students bring out in him every day.

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