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Ep #205: Your Retirement Advisor, Brian Saranovitz

As a baby boomer himself, Brian is a co-founder and president of Your Retirement Advisor, as well as an Investment Advisor Representative. In his advisor role, Brian provides planning services to clients…meeting with clients and helping them build a better retirement is what Brian enjoys most about his professions.

A former professional football player (most notably for the New England Patriots) and a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Brian has been a financial advisor for over 30 years with his company formerly known as Saranovitz Capital Management (founded by his father Norman in 1970). As a jock turned geek, Brian is obsessed with retirement research and finding the best strategies for his students and clients. Brian has witnessed firsthand clients struggling to understand the myriad of issues they face while preparing for retirement.

When he’s not reading white papers or books on retirement, Brian juggles spending time with his significant other, YRA co-founder Lynn Toomey, their brood of kids ranging in age from 14 to 29, and his large family and group of friends…many of whom are clients too! Brian believes in a balanced life (incorporating fitness, nutrition and smiling every day), and the 80/20 rule…which means it’s okay to have a little ice cream once in a while!

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