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Ep #206: Becoming An Expert At You with Brandon Hawk

Born and raised in Texas, young Brandon Hawk set his mind on two goals; one, to play tennis in Wimbledon and two, become a successful motivational speaker. In 2001, Brandon accomplished his dream of playing in the main draw of Wimbledon and for over 15 years now, has also been living his dream as a transformational life coach and motivational speaker.

At 25, Brandon started a college gathering called UNITE where 500 college students from all denominations came to hear him speak weekly. As a Senior Pastor at 28, he created “The School of Transformation” and soon after realized that his passion was instead to inspire leaders through his process of transformation. In 2012, he transitioned the school into a coaching company known Brandon Hawk International.

These days, Brandon works exclusively with high level business executives and entrepreneurs. His clients include : Steve Lake (Creator and CEO of Sector 9), Chris Hamilton (CEO and Founder of Victory Motor Sports), and Rajendra Lahoti (Founder and CEO of It has been Brandon's mission to help them develop a more quality, productive and fulfilling life through his transformational coaching.

Beyond his coaching, Brandon is also the creator of several “YOU” programs and products that help people discover who they are and create lives they actually love living. These programs include a YOU Training event, a YOU Coaching process, and the YOU Journey workbook, an online program that features a 270 page workbook. Next up, Brandon is currently working on bringing to life the YOU Center LA, his first brick and mortar training facility and the new global headquarters of Hawk International. He is also writing his first book, which will be completed by the end of the year.

When he is not on the road touring as a speaker, Brandon divides his time between introducing people to a better way of life, being a husband to his wife and high school sweetheart Ginny, and a father to his three kids—Austin, Conner and Georgia.

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