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Ep #222: Warrior Girl, Whitney Cox

By traditional methods of success, Whitney had achieved it all: an Ivy League Education, Masters Degree, and a prestigious title on Wall Street, but then why on the inside did she feel like she was dying?

After a 15 year career on Wall Street Whitney took a leap of faith that would change her life forever, packing up her bags and moving to Colombia. After years of neglect in the corporate rat race, Whitney began the slow process of healing her mind, body and soul. She began to dance to the rhythm of her soul, she left the concrete jungle to indulge in the beauty of the real one. She began to feel a joy she didn't know was possible.

And then one day her life changed forever. Whitney was diagnosed with breast cancer at the ripe age of 39. It was during the darkest moments of her battle that a tiny fire was lit, a fire that in time would become a raging inferno, a desire to help others create lives they love. Whitney used to hate her scars but now they fill her with pride, battle wounds of a Warrior Girl who in her darkness found her light, and in her weakness, her strength.

And thus Warrior Girl Coaching was born, a process that was created using the exact tools that Whitney used to transform her life.

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