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Ep #223: Business School For Mums, Anna and Flori

In the last few years, we’ve had success beyond our wildest imagination – especially given that alongside it all, we’ve been juggling 5 little ones between us.

But it certainly hasn’t been a walk in the park. #hellno

We’ve managed to achieve this all for 3 core reasons: Experience, Education & Self-Belief.

Our experience in business spans far and wide – together, we have a collective 26+ years under our belts in small business, business development, media, marketing, and sales.

Alongside this, we have a variety of Degrees, Diplomas and a Masters between us – across the fields of Psychology, Life Coaching, Marketing and Business.

We’ve also personally invested upwards of $60k in our personal & business development since launching a business together 2.5 years ago.

Lastly, we’ve worked damn hard, we’ve taken risks, backed ourselves and stayed true to our vision, executing at every twist and turn.

And it’s all of this – that has enabled us to develop our transformational coaching programs.

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