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Ep #243: The Influence Workbook with Elliot Carlyle

The following is a synopsis of the book:

“Am I too much? Am I not enough? These are two questions that paralyze many from actualizing their life ambitions. Insecurities, life upsets, rejections, abandonments, traumas, disappointments, and failures have all victimized a builder at some point in this journey we call life. The Influence Workbook is filled with clarifying keys, liberating exercises, and empowering takeaways that will position you on a trajectory to get to your “next” by moving you beyond the questions and unblocking your personal power. This interactive workbook will become your blueprint, accountability system, dream journal, and goal guide all in one. As you move through the pages you will discover, uncover, reveal and even re-encounter truths you were born with that were divinely given to navigate you to your destiny. This journal is for all dreamers and visionaries who are engaged or desiring to get engaged in an active pursuit of purpose and destiny – architects. Success doesn’t just happen by chance… it is the result of discipline, principles, and consistency… you’ve tried all other systems; it’s now time for you to build your own so you can get your own!”

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