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Ep #249: CEO of Sudden Coffee, Josh Zloof

Josh Zloof, Co-Founder & CEO of Sudden Coffee is passionate about more than just serving up a great cup of coffee. After launching several businesses that ended in some success and even more failures, Josh knew he needed to find his “why.” This led to him founding Sudden Coffee on the idea of “making one billion people happy.” Today, Sudden Coffee has served over 100,000 cups of their single origin, specialty grade, instant coffee (delivered right to your door). With over $3.3M raised from investors like Y Combinator and CRV, Josh and Sudden Coffee have been featured in the New York Times, Food & Wine, and GQ. Sounds like grounds for celebration. Before becoming the second food startup ever to be included in Y Combinator, Josh spent over a decade in Lean Management, Operations and Supply Chain, namely as a consultant at McKinsey and shortly thereafter, as the product owner of a Groupon app, Breadcrumb Pro. He then went on to learn many hard lessons launching his own companies, including an on-demand shopping service, an email service, a coaching the company, and a burrito bowl delivery app. Josh and Sudden Coffee are most notably remembered for their appearance on The Pitch, a Gimlet Media podcast. When Josh isn’t geeking out on tech, marketing, and operations, you can catch him at Burning Man (a seven-time veteran), building a 10 foot tall wooden dinosaur, or running a midnight smoothie bar. He’s also a hardcore self-care advocate, believing a dedication to both mind and body are the secret keys to entrepreneurial success.

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