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Ep #275: CEO of Scrimmage, Derek Lundsten

Derek is a serial entrepreneur and technology maven. With years of experience building businesses in the learning technology, training, research and intelligence industries, Derek sits on several advisory boards and is the active CEO of Scrimmage, a global mobile software company, focused on addressing personalized education for corporate learners as well as students of all kinds. Derek is a passionate and strategic leader and shows strengths in connecting the dots between people and opportunities. Derek is an active learner himself and seeks to build relationships with other big dreamers and implementers in business and in life. Most importantly he is optimizing to create maximal business and human impact.

Derek holds a BS in Philosophy and Psychology from James Madison University and lives near Philadelphia with his wife Erin and daughter Zoe. Derek’s interests include innovation, strategy, talent growth, entrepreneurship, business operations, product development, business development, health and wellness, and humanity-serving initiatives.

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