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Ep #297: Staying Grounded with Raj Jana

Fresh out of college with large amounts of student debt and even bigger ambitions, Raj was itching to climb the corporate ladder and make a name for himself. So he worked his tail off and clocked up long hours in a constant race to the next promotion – because that’s how you feel happy, successful, and accomplished, right?

Then overnight, his outlook changed. Out of the blue, Raj’s mentor died – just three months short of retirement, this was a big wake-up call for Raj. So he embraced a ‘now or never’ attitude and jumped. He chose to spend more time doing work that spoke to his soul.

So he started JavaPresse to make an impact and spread a message he believed in. It all started with a passion for helping people transform coffee into something meaningful each day. A year and a million dollars revenue later, raj is changing the world one person at a time.

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