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Ep #307: From Prison To Serial Entrepreneur, Kyle Hayungs

Kyle Hayungs’ expertise in capturing opportunities by closing exclusive deals, creating and implementing marketing strategies, and building multi-million dollar businesses has led to be recognized as Entrepreneurs Below 25 People to Watch. He has been nationally recognized for his sale’s engineering by successfully raising over $25 million dollars in funding for new companies, as well as coming back from a troubled past to bootstrapping 3 companies in the last 5 years that have done over $10 million dollars in sales. Kyle looks at all aspects of a business and determines the value add immediately, while developing the correct team to execute swiftly in all areas.

Kyle’s company Aspire Payments is an ATM, high-tech kiosk and credit card processing franchise that utilizes 22 different revenue options, including blockchain technology. He also runs Merchant’s Resource Group which assists small-mid size businesses in the areas of credit card processing, web development, custom software, marketing, sales development & automation, print, operating services, copyright and trademark IT development, and more. Past clients include: Coca Cola, Toyota, Singapore Airlines and Chevrolet.

Kyle holds a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Vascular, General, and Obstetrical Sonography with a minor in Marketing. His philanthropy work focuses on veteran affairs, single mothers, first responders, and mentoring terminally ill and at-risk youth through organizations such as Beauty for Freedom, Ferrari Kid, Southwest Keys Program, ICON Talks and Living Beyond A Dream.

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