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Ep #386: Entrepreneurial Spirit with Nadia Masri

Nadia Genevieve Masri is a 4-time founder, Forbes 30 Under 30 headliner, and the CEO & Founder of Perksy – a next-gen market intelligence platform that conducts real-time research with Millennial & Gen-Z audiences through mobile. With a fresh take on understanding the habits, behaviors, and preferences of Gen Y & Z consumers, Nadia is redefining market research for the mobile generation by making feedback the favorite form of engagement.

Prior to Perksy, Nadia founded 3 other companies before studying psychology and marketing at Harvard, which she left early to build Perksy. Nadia is passionate about product innovation, design, and neuroscience. When she isn’t studying human behavior, you’ll find her front row at NY Fashion Week or court side at MSG.

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