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EP Replay: Master The Key with Mike Flynn

MIKE FLYNN is a mouthpiece for the truth and has been advising a wide range of individuals and businesses since 2005. He launched The Impact Entrepreneur Show in 2015 where he hosts conversations with some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, thought leaders, athletes, authors, and psychologists in an effort to discover how they are using their personal stories to have a game-changing impact in the lives of others.

Mike makes his debut as an author with the release of a powerful story called Master The Key: A Story To Free Your Potential, Find Meaning and Live Life on Purpose. The great Lou Holtz referred to it as a “must read” and Mel Robbins called it an “inspiring story,” while others have said it is “a fictional story that will lead readers to the truth.” In addition to writing for Huffington Post and Thrive Global, Mike has also given keynotes for regional offices of major corporations such as New York Life and Keller Williams. Mike lives in Santa Cruz, California with his wife Lisa and their four children.

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