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LIVING with Ashley Walter

Known for her nationally recognized wellness company, LIVING with Ashley, Ashley has reached thousands of people looking to improve their overall health from the inside out. She holds the titles of a holistic nutritionist, fitness chef, certified personal trainer and on-air personality. Ashley has made a name for herself and her company by revolutionizing the approach to her client’s needs and becoming a single source of dynamic resources for nutrition, fitness, motivational coaching, cooking & health education.

Along with working with her clients 24/7 to achieve their goals, Ashley produces high-quality video content with her “Kitchen Originals” + “Kitchen Quickies” series and regularly contributes on health trends and lifestyle topics for major outlets. Her original content focuses around a “Live Healthy, With Style” mindset and is streamed on her YouTube channel, the Food Channel, AOL, Huffington Post and more. Ashley is also known for her Recipe Rehabs, where she makes healthier versions of high-calorie comfort food by cutting fat, but not flavor.

Ashley is making a living doing what she loves and her client are a prime example of her dedication.

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