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Ep. 465 Featuring Ruari Fairbairns

About Ruari

Ruari grew up on the Isle of Mull in Scotland, setting up his first business selling and servicing PCs on the island aged just 16. A career in sales followed, and by the age of 25 he’d setup 5 different enterprises and through the TV program “The Apprentice” he found himself in London as a commodities broker.

Ruari quickly established himself as a success and went on to start and grow the

European Jet Desk from inception to market leader in under 3 years. In 2015, after a few failed attempts, Ruari decided to take a break from alcohol and it fundamentally changed his life.

Together with co-founder Andy Ramage, Ruari decided to create something to change

the peer pressure around giving up drinking. In 2016 they launched the One Year No

Beer an online challenge, which has proved more successful than they could have


Since inception OYNB has helped over 50,000 people in 90 countries transform their

relationship with alcohol. Headquartered in North Berwick, just outside Edinburgh, As

CEO of the business, Ruari is now responsible for a rapidly growing team who are

passionate about changing the world, whilst building a business by the beach.

“Culture you love, work-life balance whilst changing the world - this is what drives us

every day”

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